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Oehrlein School of Cosmetology


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About Us

The Tri-county's #1 Cosmetology school!

The Oehrlein School was founded in 1973 and continues the tradition of providing excellence in education; to prepare every student for their success in the cosmetology profession. The Oehrlein School has been the only Pivot Point Legacy Partner School in the tri-county area since 1983. Pivot Point provides the educational structure to develop true professionals. Our students analyze, envision and plan their work. We believe in the importance of teaching ''why'' as well as ''how'' something works. Knowing how only results in technical skills. Knowing why allows the freedom to create. This freedom is achieved through our unique educational delivery system, incorporating interactive technology on the cutting edge of education.

We are extremely proud that we have, for over 40 years, helped create successful careers for hundreds of designers - designers who excel in the realm of hair design, esthetics, and nails, who satisfy clients in salons throughout the area.

We invite you to explore with us the uniqueness of Oehrlein's - a Pivot Point Legacy Partner School . Join our creative community. Let us help empower you to reach the highest levels of hair design, esthetics, and nails. Together we will increase the well-being of all your customers.

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