How To Start Your Very Own Handyman Business

New business startups are booming, and many workers are leaving traditional employers to start businesses. One popular choice in the service-related sector is a handyman business. These are generally easy to set up and demand for the services is high, so there is potential for steady income. If you need some help figuring the process out, this guide can help.

Establishing Your Handyman Business

Start with a business plan to determine all costs, and calculate your projected earnings and profit. Develop a clear picture of your targeted consumer demographic. Determine whether or not you will adopt a specialty, as there are many types of services that people in Peoria require.

Next, create a business name and formulate a brand. Then register your business and select a business structure, usually an LLC. When you register your LLC in Illinois, you'll receive an EIN for taxes. Finally, establish a bank account and apply for a business credit card.

Getting the Right Licensure

You can perform minor repairs without being licensed, but you'll need a contractor's specialty license for certain services. Among these services are HVAC, refrigeration, electrical, and plumbing. Any service that involves structural repairs requires a general contractor's license. Each jurisdiction in Illinois has its own requirements for obtaining a contractor's specialty license, so it’s a good idea to check the local laws for any city or county you plan to do business in.

Choosing a Specialty

The average consumer leans toward businesses that focus on one or two specialties over ones that advertise a bit of everything. The concept behind this mindset is that someone who focuses on one service has more expertise. Specialty niches are commonplace in today's market and can be more lucrative. You should choose a specialty based on your skill set and what you enjoy doing most. 

Attracting Clients

Word of mouth is one of the oldest and most effective ways to attract new clients and get a business rolling. Create a website and social media profiles where you interact and receive reviews. Use traditional marketing methods by creating postcards and business cards to distribute. Establish mutually beneficial relationships with other local businesses by exchanging services and tagging each other on Facebook. 

Streamlining Your Business Operations With Software

Construction estimating apps automate the creation of estimates by calculating the cost of materials and labor. They can also account for taxes when sending an estimate. When the estimate is complete, the app can submit it to the client directly from the job site. You can even schedule automated reminders to clients who have not yet accepted the estimate. 

You should also consider enabling your business app or website to accept payments directly in order to achieve continuous growth. Direct payments reduce fees to your business and offer your clients peace of mind by giving them a secure method of payment. 

Starting a Handyman Business 

The sooner you establish your business's name in the community, the sooner it will take off and attract clients. You can gain additional recognition and support locally by joining the East Peoria Chamber of Commerce.

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