Element Construction



About Us

At Element, we collaborate with our customers and create exceptional places to live, work and do business. We believe the greatest value of a project is created in the early stages of discovery, planning, conceptualizing and accurate cost budgeting. Our commitment is to provide total customer satisfaction through a full range of personalized professional design-and-construction services.

Our Mission is much more than just construction. 70% of our profits support orphans and vulnerable children around the world.
We build quality structures so that they can build quality lives.

We design, build and operate exceptional buildings for people to live, work and do business.

We are more agile and creative than traditional construction companies. By engaging our personnel, customers, and subcontractors to work together, we discover unique solutions to benefit everyone involved in our projects.

Though we are creative, our methods remain proven for long-term quality. We are invested in both the quality of our clients experience as well as the beauty and integrity of the actual structure we build.

We are fully engaged with our clients and take great care to ensure they have a positive experience with us.